Personal Training

A good personal trainer is not only an exercise specialist, they also have an in depth knowledge and understanding of how the human body works and how to rehabilitate it when the need arises. Who better to get you back to full fitness after injury than a physiotherapist who is also a qualified personal trainer. Our personal trainers have the expert knowledge and skills to help you achieve your fitness objectives wherever and whenever you choose. Whether your aim is to regain your fitness, flexibility and strength after injury, improve your physical and mental wellbeing, or just for general health and wellness, our personal trainers are always on hand to help you achieve your goals. Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to increase your exercise motivation if you find it difficult to get to the gym or to a regular exercise class.

Our personal trainers will support every lifestyle change you need as well as being able to offer advice on injury prevention and treatment. Everyone is unique, therefore each and every fitness programme will be designed on an individual basis to ensure all your needs are met.

We strive to make personal training more convenient for you by offering you flexible appointment times at any venue in the Oxford area that suits your needs. That may be in your own home, at your place of work or your local park or gym. We aim to partner you into better, more sustainable habits, no matter what your history, goals, fitness level, or schedule may be, so contact us today and get fitter faster.


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OxPhysio is an Advanced Physiotherapy practice based in Oxford, England. Our Physiotherapy treatment rooms can be found in Summertown, Marston and Botley. We are also happy to organise a home visit. Pilates Classes are based in Headington, Risinghurst and Botley. Please address any communications to OxPhysio - Advanced Physiotherapy Service, within Ferry Leisure Centre, Diamond Place, Summertown, Oxford. OX2 7DP.