Physiotherapy and Pilates Services

OxPhysio offers more than most physiotherapy clinics. Our clinicians are all clinical physiotherapy specialists working beyond the recognised physiotherapy scope of practise. We pride ourselves on the high quality care we offer and the close links we have with specialist consultants.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Why should I choose OxPhysio?

  1. Having worked in the NHS for many years, all our clinicians are highly experienced and have first-hand knowledge of the various pathways you may need to pursue in order to get the best care possible.
  2. Our clinicians have advanced skills which enable us to decide whether physiotherapy will be the right treatment for you or whether further investigations or onward referral to a specialist may be needed.
  3. If we refer you for an MRI scan, ultrasound scan or x-ray, your scan results can be explained to you in detail and we can instigate an appointment directly with a consultant if necessary.
  4. We can write to your GP detailing your assessment findings and your diagnosis, recommending where you should be referred to and which further tests may need to be considered.

Why is it best to come to us first?

  1. Our timely intervention can prevent acute problems becoming chronic.
  2. Our treatment may negate the need for surgery at a later date.
  3. You may not be offered injections or surgical procedures until you have completed a satisfactory course of physiotherapy.
  4. We have insight into what treatments may be offered in secondary care and so can advise you as to whether a consultant appointment is really necessary.

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OxPhysio is an Advanced Physiotherapy practice based in Oxford, England. Our Physiotherapy treatment rooms can be found in Summertown, Marston and Botley. We are also happy to organise a home visit. Pilates Classes are based in Headington, Risinghurst and Botley. Please address any communications to OxPhysio - Advanced Physiotherapy Service, within Ferry Leisure Centre, Diamond Place, Summertown, Oxford. OX2 7DP.