Megan Shepherd Level 3 diploma is Sorts Massage

Megan Shepherd

Megan is a dedicated highly skilled sports massage therapist and is currently in the process of qualifying as a Physiotherapist. Megan has a strong passion for sports and has a deep understanding of the human body. She is committed to helping athletes and active individuals optimise their rehabilitation, prevent injuries, optimise performance and recover effectively.  

Megan takes a holistic approach to sports massage, focusing on the individual needs of each client. She believes in the power of combining techniques to achieve optimal results, including deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and stretching. By tailoring each session to the specific requirements of the individual, she aims to address muscular imbalances, alleviate tension and stiffness, improve flexibility, and enhance overall performance.

Megan has massage experience in treating a number of conditions including: neck and shoulder pain, sports injuries, tension/stress, lower back pain, soft tissue injuries, chronic pain and many more.

Having experience working within community hospitals, Megan is committed to working collaboratively with the clinic's multidisciplinary team. By maintaining open lines of communication, she ensures a holistic approach to clients' care, addressing their needs comprehensively and promoting optimal outcomes.


Megan offers a number of services, including:

Sports massage: Treats a number of conditions, optimises muscle function, reduces pain, and promotes efficient recovery.

Pre-Event and Post-Event massage: To prepare athletes for sporting events, improving circulation, enhancing muscle responsiveness, and reducing the risk of injury. After sporting events massage aids in recovery, minimise muscle soreness, and accelerate the healing process.

Injury rehabilitation: Those recovering from injuries, working collaboratively with physiotherapists, to design personalised treatment plans, including targeted massage and rehabilitation exercises, aiming to restore function, reduce scar tissue formation, and facilitate a safe return to sporting activities.

Injury prevention: Megan provides comprehensive assessments to identify possible areas of weaknesses, muscular imbalances, and movement restrictions. Based on assessment findings, Megan develops treatment plans to address any issues, and to prevent future injuries.


If you are an individual seeking to enhance your performance, prevent injuries, or recover effectively, Megan is able to support you on your journey to optimise your physical well-being and to achieve your goals.

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